Automatic 2sxc Pipeline SqlDataSource

This demo uses the 2sxc Pipeline (req. 2sxc 6.0.6+). More info here.

The top 10 files in this portal as returned by the Pipeline

  1. Hydrangeas.jpg
  2. Koala.jpg
  3. Penguins.jpg
  4. Google Tag Manager Source Code Demo 2014-03-13.png
  5. Beni.jpg
  6. Daniel.jpg
  7. Raphael.jpg
  8. Chrysanthemum.jpg
  9. Lighthouse.jpg
  10. CokeBefore.jpg


  1. Typed / dynamic entities
  2. nice syntax, same as any other 2sxc data
  3. Easy to configure
  4. Configuration instead of programming (less error-prone and less security risks)
  5. Benefits from automatic Configuration-Injection (like when @IdFilter can be [QueryString:ProductId|0] )
  6. Entity-Framework-like feeling without needing pre-compile
  7. Less code than all other methods (SQL Reader, DataTable, PetaPoco)
  8. No boilerplate / plumbing code (like PetaPoco)
  9. Can benefit from other pipeline-features like additional filtering, paging, attribute-stripping
  10. Can be auto-serialized using 2sxc and is then in the default format for JavaScript use - try here


  1. Probably a bit more performance overhead
  2. Might not fit all complex scenarios
  3. No built-in paging like with PetaPoco, probably in the future