Simple Demo with custom data (for example to use non-SQL data)

This demo uses the 2sxc Pipeline (req. 2sxc 6.0.6+). More info here.

These entities resources are constructed by code

  1. de-de - Herzlich Willkommen
  2. en-us - Welcome


  1. Typed / dynamic entities
  2. lots of control over object structure
  3. nice syntax, same as any other 2sxc data
  4. any kind of source could be used - XML, file-lists, etc.
  5. Entity-Framework-like feeling without needing pre-compile
  6. Can benefit from other pipeline-features like additional filtering, paging, attribute-stripping
  7. Can be auto-serialized using 2sxc and is then in the default format for JavaScript use
  8. to see the automatic RSS-feed try here


  1. Probably a bit more performance overhead
  2. more boilerplate / plumbing code (like PetaPoco)