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Getting Started with Google Tag Manager

Add this module to any page to use it. Typically you would then enable "Show on all Pages" in the module settings. 

There are two ways to configure the GTM-Code

  1. Either in the App-Settings: this is the default GTM-Code and is used whenever no other code is configured.
  2. In the settings of the specific instance - this would only apply to this module (and all copies of it, for eg. in other languages or when you activate "Display on all pages"


  • I would not place it in the DefaultPane but rather in a pane that you don't usually need so it's not in the way.
  • To see if it works, look at the source-code of your page. You should see some script/iframe-HTML right after the body-tag and before the form-tag


More Specs

  1. App: Google Tag Manager (v. 01.00.01)
  2. Guid: 334c2e3f-9cb1-40ef-a12b-caa2760e040b
  3. look at the demo page
  4. Created by 2sic Internet Solutions
2serve . 2invent . 2create is 2be.