2blog https://2sxc.org/en/blog The core blog for DNN / DotNetNuke and 2sxc - all about content management, DNN-Apps and development in general. 2sxc 12.05 Pre LTS - 1000 hours of work https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-12-05-pre-lts-500-hours-of-work <p>We are getting nearer to LTS and invested over 500 hours of iJungleboy and another 500 hours of other helpers within the last month. So much to tell...</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-12-05-pre-lts-500-hours-of-work Thu, 14 Oct 2021 18:00:15 GMT New Settings System in 2sxc 12.04 https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-settings-system-in-2sxc-12-04 <p>Settings at Global, Site, App and View level - with automatic stacking. This is revolutionary 💪.</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-settings-system-in-2sxc-12-04 Wed, 08 Sep 2021 07:26:16 GMT Content is now 70% Off - get it ASAP https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/content-is-now-70-off-get-it-asap <p>We dramatically simplified the Content-Templates, increasing standardization and making it even easier to customize. You should really check it out.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/content-is-now-70-off-get-it-asap Tue, 07 Sep 2021 13:46:04 GMT 2sxc 12.04 Released with 12 Amazing new Features https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-12-04-released-with-10-amazing-new-features <p>Global, Site and App Settings which merge for use in Images, Web-Resources and turnOn which changes everything. For Dnn and Oqtane.</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-12-04-released-with-10-amazing-new-features Thu, 02 Sep 2021 21:24:38 GMT 2sxc turnOn - JS Boot-System for Async and High-Security https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-turnon-js-boot-system-for-async-and-high-security <p>Timing and Security... Timing is everything - especially when starting JavaScript. Security is critical - and future sites won't have inline-JS anymore. turnOn solves these two aspects.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-turnon-js-boot-system-for-async-and-high-security Fri, 25 Jun 2021 10:09:05 GMT Volunteering in Tanzania till mid of August https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/volunteering-in-tanzania-till-mid-of-august <p>The iJungleboy is going back into the jungle for 7 weeks - so it will be calm around 2sxc till end of August.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/volunteering-in-tanzania-till-mid-of-august Wed, 23 Jun 2021 08:59:58 GMT 30+ New Features in 2sxc 12.02 https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/lots-of-new-features-in-2sxc-12-02 <p>2sxc 12.02 introduces ca. 30 long awaited features and more Hybrid APIs for cross-Dnn/Oqtane Apps.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/lots-of-new-features-in-2sxc-12-02 Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:00:05 GMT Major View-Update with View Settings, Resources, Indexing and more https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/major-view-update-with-view-settings-resources-indexing-and-more <p>Views get a major update with 2sxc 12.02 with View Settings, Resources, Identifier and more.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/major-view-update-with-view-settings-resources-indexing-and-more Tue, 08 Jun 2021 15:00:00 GMT New Search-Indexing in 2sxc 12.02 https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-search-indexing-in-2sxc-12-02 <p>2sxc Views now let you configure how Dnn should index them, and if you need even more power you can write your own code for this. New in 12.02.</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-search-indexing-in-2sxc-12-02 Mon, 07 Jun 2021 18:11:51 GMT return 42; // New 2sxc Formulas for Custom UI Logic - Towel Day 2021 https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-2sxc-formulas-for-custom-ui-logic <p>Introducing 2sxc Formula! Use simple JS functions to create calculated fields, show/hide parts of the form based on logic and way more.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-2sxc-formulas-for-custom-ui-logic Tue, 25 May 2021 15:42:15 GMT Install Oqtane 2 from Scratch with Language-Packs and 2sxc (Video) https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/install-oqtane-2-from-scratch-with-language-packs-and-2sxc-video <p>Walkthrough how to install Oqtane 2, add Multi-Language and install 2sxc on a Windows Server or Windows 10 Workstation from scratch.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/install-oqtane-2-from-scratch-with-language-packs-and-2sxc-video Fri, 07 May 2021 06:40:19 GMT 2sxc 12 Hybrid for Dnn and Oqtane Released! May the 4th... https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-12-hybrid-for-dnn-and-oqtane-released <p>2sxc 12 is here - and in runs in Dnn and Oqtane, bridging the classic .net world with the latest .net Blazor. May the 4th be with you all!</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-12-hybrid-for-dnn-and-oqtane-released Tue, 04 May 2021 16:03:37 GMT 2sxc Security Notification 2021-001 https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-security-notification-2021-001 <p>Our first security notification. Please update to latest LTS.</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-security-notification-2021-001 Fri, 30 Apr 2021 06:00:43 GMT 2sxc 11.22 LTS = Long Term Support https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-22-lts-long-term-support-very-stable <p>Another LTS is out - time for upgrades 😉</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-22-lts-long-term-support-very-stable Wed, 28 Apr 2021 12:04:57 GMT 2sxc 11.20 with VisualQuery3 and REST Awesomeness https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-20-with-visualquery3-and-rest-awesomeness <p>Love Low-Code solutions? This big release is for you! VisualQuery3 makes drag-drop data flow a breeze to develop and debug, and the new REST guidance will get your JSON APIs going in less than 5 minutes.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-20-with-visualquery3-and-rest-awesomeness Tue, 20 Apr 2021 20:10:00 GMT Awesome Angular 11 in DNN and 2sxc (DNN Summit 2021 Session) https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/awesome-angular-11-in-dnn-and-2sxc-dnn-summit-2021-session <p>Find out how to integrate Angular SPAs in DNN with awesome how-reload development, using live DNN data and way more.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/awesome-angular-11-in-dnn-and-2sxc-dnn-summit-2021-session Mon, 15 Mar 2021 08:00:25 GMT 2sxc 11.11.03 Released https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-11-03-released <p>2sxc 11.11.03 with lots of bugfixes and minor features</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-11-03-released Tue, 26 Jan 2021 21:58:58 GMT Tip 1: Never put Web-Files on Drive C - Harden DNN against Ransomware Attacks https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/tip-1-never-put-web-files-on-drive-c-harden-dnn-against-ransomware-attacks <p>Use best practices to avoid the total fiasco that just hit managed.com. Step one is understanding what's happening, and never placing web files on Drive C.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/tip-1-never-put-web-files-on-drive-c-harden-dnn-against-ransomware-attacks Tue, 24 Nov 2020 08:00:35 GMT 2sxc 11.10 - SPA, REST, Git, Performance and Oqtane https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-10-spa-rest-git-performance-and-oqtane <p>2sxc 11.10 has much for Single-Page-Applications using REST, Git-Development, Performance and Oqtane-preparations.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-10-spa-rest-git-performance-and-oqtane Tue, 17 Nov 2020 11:30:32 GMT 2sxc - The First Hybrid Dnn / Oqtane Module running on Blazor (PoC) https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-the-first-hybrid-dnn-oqtane-module-running-on-blazor-poc <p>2sxc now runs on Blazor in Oqtane! Watch videos from the dnnGlobal.ca event!</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-the-first-hybrid-dnn-oqtane-module-running-on-blazor-poc Wed, 11 Nov 2020 10:54:20 GMT 2sxc 11.07 LTS https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-07-lts <p>2sxc 11 finally has it's first LTS - Long-Term-Support version. Enjoy!</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-07-lts Wed, 11 Nov 2020 10:00:17 GMT 2sxc 11.07 Released with Drag/Drop and enhanced Import https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-07-released-with-drag-drop-and-enhanced-import <p>We've released 2sxc 11.03 - 11.07 during the last three months. Lot's of goodies - enjoy!</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-07-released-with-drag-drop-and-enhanced-import Tue, 29 Sep 2020 15:45:51 GMT Towel Day - 2sxc 11.2 with Cool Stuff & Meet-the-Team https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/towel-day-2sxc-11-2-with-cool-stuff-meet-the-team <p>We always release awesome goodies on Towel-Day. 2sxc 11.2 brings custom input fields with WebComponents, non-translatable fields, special boolean-toggles and Usage Statistics.</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/towel-day-2sxc-11-2-with-cool-stuff-meet-the-team Mon, 25 May 2020 13:33:00 GMT New In-Page List Management in 2sxc 11 (Video) https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-in-page-list-management-in-2sxc-11-video <p>List of Images, Quotes, Projects and more are now much easier to manage directly from the in-page toolbar. Discover how!</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/new-in-page-list-management-in-2sxc-11-video Thu, 14 May 2020 08:00:59 GMT 2sxc 11.01 released with some crazy stuff https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-01-released-with-some-crazy-stuff <p>2sxc 11.01 adds some long awaited features like in-page list management, add-existing-item and system to create custom input components.&nbsp;</p> https://2sxc.org/en/blog/post/2sxc-11-01-released-with-some-crazy-stuff Wed, 13 May 2020 09:56:08 GMT