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Tutorial Icon Font and Icon-Picker

2sxc supports icon-fonts do automatically generate an icon-picker with search. This tutorial app shows how to set up two common examples - one using font-awesome from a CDN, another using a custom-made font-icon set built with fontello.

It also shows different combinations like

  1. using [Tokens] and @Razor
  2. using font-icons with the older, 2-class system like class="fa fa-file" or the newer method where you just have class="icon-xyz-world"

This is a part of my short series about font icons. Here's the full series

  1. Setting up icon-font pickers with search in dynamic content types
  2. How to upload fonts and icon-font packages in DNN
  3. Creating your own custom icon-fonts
  4. The tutorial app for including custom fonts or CDN-hosted fonts in DNN Content

System Info

v. 00.00.01
GUID: 4a442bc7-29d4-445e-ae17-8be31efd4802

All Main Versions

  1. V. 00.00.01 for 2sxc - 0 releases

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