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Getting Started with SQL Data Access Demos

Try the various views in this App to discover how we access SQL data with the following variations:

  1. Read the SQL-DB using a SqlReader
  2. Read the SQL-DB using a DataTable
  3. Retrieve the same data using PetaPoco
  4. Use the automated version with DataPipelines (the SqlDataSource)
  5. A manual method showing how you could use any kind of data and just inject it into the DataTableDataSource
  6. Also demonstrates
    1. how to enable JSON-Publishing in code (very common requirement)
    2. how 2SexyContent automatically calls the CustomizeData() method

Have fun :)

Important notes:

  • Needs 2SexyContent 6.0.6.

More Specs

  1. App: SQL Data Access Demos (v. 00.00.01)
  2. Guid: 57465f16-ca82-49ca-907e-6f1ee4ff4e0c
  3. look at the demo page
  4. Created by 2sic Internet Solutions
2serve . 2invent . 2create is 2be.