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2sxc Demo, Architecture and Future on TADUG (Torronto Area DNN User Group)

2sxc did a full presentation of what it is, an architecture overview, amazing and hidden feature. Also insights into the current developments and future outlook with .net Core and more. 

Video starting at 15"


  • 0:15:00 Introducing Daniel (iJungleboy) by Aderson
  • 0:17:20 Start of presentation with goals, agenda, Jungle-Selfie, History of 2sxc etc.
    • Agenda
    • Daniels Jungle-background
    • 2sic, the company behind 2sxc - since 1999
    • 2sxc since 2012 with at least 200'000 lines of code
    • Why we did it
  • 0:21:30 Start of live demo
    • Nice DNN site, login with DNN editor permissions
    • Basic editing experience
    • Live switching of templates for the same information 
    • Drag-drog image upload
    • How the simple pattern for content works for complex data structure like blogs
    • Multi-language
    • Such a website can be built in 1 hour
  • 0:29:40 Technical overview / architecture
    • The 5 main part
    • EAV-System
    • Main UIs
    • Visual Query
    • In-Page Editing with Shake-Support
    • Templating systems (Tokens, Razor, JS)
    • Queries and APIs with Permissions and REST
    • Summary and Extensions
  • 0:39:20 Key Paradigms and Use-Cases
    • Everybody has different needs: Visitor, Editor, Designer, Dev
    • Content is NOT data
    • Content Management is NOT records-editing
    • Content is specialized and not like an App
    • Leverage existing technologiens, standards and knowledge
    • Promote & Demo best practices
    • Robust upgrades
    • Keep features secret, till they are proven
  • 0:48:00 Deep Dive into the inner bits / highlights
    • quickE
    • ADAM - automatic digital asset manager
    • Inner Content
    • Best of DNN WYSIWYG
    • Data history / restore
    • Multi-Language
    • Up to 100 points on Google Page-Speed
    • Visual Query and Statistics
    • Data Sources
    • API, REST, Custom C# APIs
  • 1:09:40 Sibling, Standalone Projects
    • Image Resizer
    • Koi
    • Razor Blade
    • Bootstrap 4 Instant Theme / Skin
    • Angular4Dnn
    • Seed Templates and Apps
  • 1:14:00 Work in Progress 2019 Q1 and Q2
    • Angular 7 Edit Dialog
    • Polymorph Editions
    • Metadata system
    • Enhancements to In-Page Editing behavior and toolbars
    • Paste image from clipboard, paste formatted text
  • 1:15:50 Future Outlook
    • More UI features
    • Intelligent Forms
    • Headless 2sxc on .net core
    • More JS Library integrations
    • In-Line editing, Live-Preview, Image-Drop on page
  • 1:17:50 Q & A
    • Image Resizer
    • .net Core 3 not supporting .net Framework and how 2sxc will work on that
    • Getting into 2sxc: being afraid of 2sxc because it's so different that DNN, ignoring it till the pain is too big, then becoming a convert 
    • Using many panes vs. letting the smart-component handling multi-columns automatically
    • How would someone get started with 2sxc - baby steps demonstrating starting with a new portal, adding default template, exploring how it works
    • Reusing content-bits

Daniel Mettler grew up in the jungles of Indonesia and is founder and CEO of 2sic internet solutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, an 20-head web specialist with over 800 DNN projects since 1999. He is also chief architect of 2sxc (see github), an open source module for creating attractive content and DNN Apps.

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