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Content-Types (aka Entity Types, Object Types)

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Introduced in Version 01.00.00

New in v8.5.2 - ContentType Metadata - read more about multi-language content-type labels and instructions below

Content-Type tells 2sxc which fields a type of content has, and it also tells 2sxc what it must consider when creating an input dialog.

An example: A news-content could be made up of a Title, a Teaser, a News-Body, Date and an optional Link. Title and Teaser are short texts, the Date is a date, the Link is a short Text that should adhere to certain rules, and the News-Body should be a text that can be edited with a WYSIWYG-Editor. All this is configured inside the news Content-Type.

To create/modify content types please watch this introduction video here.

Some things to know and understand

  1. Content-Type names are currently not multi-language. So the name you give should be easy to understand. Your user only sees them when adding stuff, so this is not too critical. old - 2sxc 1.0.0 - 08.05.01
    New in 8.5.2 - ContentTypes now have Metadata, which lets you give them multi-language labels and instructions. 
  2. New in 8.5.2 - instructions. A content-type can now have instructions (edit them in the metadata) which will be shown on top of the edit-dialog - like this:
  3. Field names are multi-language, as the user will see them over and over in the edit-dialogs. 
  4. The Field marked as "Title" will be shown in dropdowns and similar where a user can choose entities. For example, when selecting a "Boss" in a person profile. It is also always available as [Content:EntityTitle] or @Content.EntityTitle. So if you create a field called Title and mark it as title, it will be available both as [Content:Title] as well as [Content:EntityTitle]
  5. Field-configuration is pretty straight forward, but each field type becomes more powerfull as we add features to 2sxc. 
  6. Each field has a "General" configuration and a field-type specific configuration. So the General stuff is what every field has Required, Description, etc. while the field-type specific stuff has configurations like drop-down values.

That's it! have fun!