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Partial Views for Re-Using Razor Templates @RenderPage

Introduced in Version 06.00.00
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So you can create various razor-views like...

  1. List
  2. Details
  3. Filtered list

and use these as sub-templates for another script. This is especially practical if you want to re-use parts of templates.

How does it work? Here's an example how a main script could change Razor-Views based on a URL-Parameter 

@if (Request.QueryString["feature"] == null)


       @RenderPage("_2SexyContent Feature - List.cshtml");




       @RenderPage("_2SexyContent Feature - Details.cshtml", Request.QueryString["Feature"]);



This could be used as follows

  1. You could create single-page Apps, where the other views are on the same page
  2. The main Content-Element of this module could have configuration-parameters, and this Content always be available in the sub-pages. You could still do things like @Content.Title
  3. You could also create apps which show the same data, but just vary the template
  4. You can re-use partial templates (for example a sub-template showing just one person, which is used at the bottom of a blog-app)

Try the View Management Demo App to discover it or read more in my blog post about this.

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