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Data Integration for Non-SQL data like RSS, Files, NoSQL etc.

Introduced in Version 06.00.06

In general the process is very, very easy:

  1. Construct a DataTable for the data
  2. Fill it with the data you want (for example, retrieved from an external RSS-Feed)
  3. Give the DataTable to the DataTableDataSource...
  4. ...and that's it

Download this Demo-App to give it a try, or look at the result here.

Code Sample

@using System.Data

@using ToSic.Eav.DataSources



       // Official place to provide data preparation. Is automatically called by 2SexyContent

       public override void CustomizeData()


             var res = CreateResourcesSource();

             res.Source.Rows.Add(1031, "de-de", "Deutsch", "Herzlich Willkommen", "Schön, dass Sie dies lesen, bitte haben Sie Spass!", "Vorname", "Nachname");

             res.Source.Rows.Add(1033, "en-us", "English", "Welcome", "Thanks for looking at this!", "First name", "Last name");

             Data.In.Add(res.ContentType, res.Out["Default"]);


             // enable publishing

             Data.Publish.Enabled = true;

             Data.Publish.Streams = "Default,UIResources";



       private DataTableDataSource CreateResourcesSource()


             var dataTable = new DataTable();



                    new DataColumn("EntityId", typeof(int)),

                    new DataColumn("EntityTitle"),

                    new DataColumn("Language"),

                    new DataColumn("Title"),

                    new DataColumn("Introduction"),

                    new DataColumn("FirstNameLabel"),

                    new DataColumn("LastNameLabel")


             var source = CreateSource<DataTableDataSource>();

             source.Source = dataTable;

             source.ContentType = "UIResources";

             //source.TitleField = "FullName"; // not necessary because we're already using the default

             //source.EntityIdField = "EntityId";// not necessary because we're already using the default

             return source;




<div class="sc-element">


       <h1>Simple Demo with custom data (for example to use non-SQL data)</h1>

       <p>This demo uses the 2sxc Pipeline (req. 2sxc 6.0.6+). More info <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>

       <h2>These entities resources are constructed by code</h2>


             @foreach (var resource in AsDynamic(Data.In["UIResources"]))


                    //var resource = AsDynamic(eRes);

                    <li>@resource.EntityTitle - @resource.Title</li>





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