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High Performance Data Caching

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Introduced in Version 04.02.00

As of 2SexyContent 4.0 we've implemented a high performance caching system. We basically copy all active Entities (a set of data, for eg. an employee) with all languages and such into memory and from then on only use that for presenting data. It's blindingly fast and can easily handle more than a million Entities without breaking a sweat.

A few notes about the functionality for those in need of technical understanding

  1. Caching is enabled by default, and cannot be disabled
  2. Every time something is saved the cache will be purged requiring a rebuild
  3. Caching is per-App. So a cache-rebuilt will usually only rebuild the App-Cache, but leave the rest untouched. 
  4. There are two caches, a very simple one and a dnn-farm compatible one. Both are included, the simple one is enabled by default.