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Content sharing and separating across portals

Introduced in Version 04.00.00

If you insert 2SexyContent the first time on a portal, it will automatically create a virtual database (VDB) for the current portal. 

Examples for sharing VDBs:

  1. cases where each language is another portal
  2. franchise-systems showing almost identical content on multiple portals
  3. sub-portals showing an excerpt of the main portal - say a mobile site.

A Virtual Database (VDB) separates content that belongs together from other content that is technically in the same database. Usually every DotNetNuke portal will have an own VDB for 2SexyContent, but there are scenarios where multiple portals share the same content. Doing this works, but is not officially supported. To enable this, change the assigned IDs in the Database.

A better way to do this is by placing the share-worthy content in a specific app, and then accessing that app-data through the data source (see the related feature below).

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