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Enable / Disable languages in 2sxc

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Introduced in Version 04.00.00

All settings concerning languages are reachable through the Admin-Menu from any 2sxc module.

As the language settings are portal-specific, open the Portal Configuration tab and enable / disable the languages there.

Tips for managing languages

  1. Before you can enable any language in 2sxc, add the language to the DotNetNuke languages (from the page Admin > Languages). The language will then appear in the 2sxc portal configuration.
  2. Make sure you have set the correct portal default language in DNN language settings, before using 2sxc with multiple languages
  3. Don't change the portal default language after using 2sxc with multiple languages.
  4. After activating the default language, you can't disable it anymore
  5. Before activating any language, you must activate the default language
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