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Install / Uninstall in seconds, cleanly and without restarting DNN

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Introduced in Version 06.00.00

2sxc automatically installs/uninstalls Apps for you. Because all App-Files and Data is cleanly segmented in the DB and because there are no DLLs that are installed, DNN is never in danger of "not working any more" - the way you know if from standard modules. So the features are:

  1. Clean install
  2. App is placed in an own folder - and can easily be removed again
  3. App Data is placed in an own virtual section in the DB - and can also be easily removed
  4. Apps can be installed on every portal - in different versions - without side effects
  5. When you customize an App in a specific portal, it doesn't affect the other Apps
  6. Apps can be installed again multiple times in the same portal

This is simply wonderful :)!

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