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StreamFallback Data Source

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Introduced in Version 07.00.02


This data source allows you to choose the first stream from many In-Streams containing results. Common use cases are "Apply a filter from URL - but if nothing comes back, deliver all" or "Try to get the news from this week, but if there are none, just get the top 5" and similar scenarios.


This is what it looks like in the Visual Query Designer

Sequence / Order of Evaluated Streams

  1. First check the "Default" - if it exists and has items, use this
  2. Otherwise check all in-streams alphabetically 0-9, A-Z, deliver the first which returns anything

Streams in the ModuleDataSource

  • In
    • Preferably a "Default" for the first try - but not necessary. 
    • Any amount of in-streams you want - just be aware that they are evaluated in a-z order. 
  • Out
    • Default - containing the stream which matched

Configuration of the StreamDataSource

  • There are no configurable settings in the Visual Query Designer 

Specials of the ModuleDataSource