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DnnFormAndList DataSource

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Introduced in Version 07.00.00
A data source which will deliver Form And List data (formerly known as UdT or User Defined Table) to your templates, razor, tokens or WebAPI / JSON. 


This is what it looks like in the Visual Query Designer


Streams in the DnnFormAndList DataSource

  • In - non expected
    • It expects no In-Streams. If you add any, you can use them in the queries (for example to provide configuration)
  • Out - Default only
    • Default - containing the result of the Form-and-List internal Database (for the selected Module)

Configuration of the DnnFormAndList DataSource

In-Page instructions should suffice, read that :)

  1. Title - put anything you want here
  2. FnL Module Id - either the Module-ID like 402 or a Token which will deliver the ModuleId like [In:Default:ModuleId]
  3. Title-Field Name
  4. Content-type-Name

Special Behavior of the Form and List DataSource

The original module allows field (column) names with spaces and other special characters. Because this would often cause problems when templating, this DataSource will automatically change the names by replacing spaces with "_" characters. The FnL internal columns (usually prefixed with UdT) sometimes also get corrected names. The easiest way to discover what they are is to look at the test-JSON.