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Github Support for your Apps

Introduced in Version 07.02.00

In 2sxc 7.02 we introduced support for Github. Basically it consists of 3 things

  1. Exported apps will ignore all .git folders and exclude everything inside it
  2. A demo-app which is on Github - see the template-app in github here.
  3. Various demo-videos to teach you how to use this 
  4. Now the data-schema can be exported for github too (v. 8.5.3) - see instructions below


Exporting Data-Schema for Github

The data in the SQL database contains many configurations and settings which are essential to the app and must be versioned too. The latest version of 2sxc can export these so that they too can be versioned in Github. Here's how:

Go to App-Settings > App > Export, then press this button:

What happens now is that a folder called .data is created (with a dot in front), containing an app.xml which is identical to the file in the zip you would create when publishing the app:

The file a time-stamp, the app-version, all schemas, data-items etc.

You can now go ahead and version the app in github. 

Some Example Apps on Github

Here are a few apps which are already versioned in Github:

  1. Blog - download - github
  2. TimelineJS - download - github
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