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Working with lists of structured content items

Some templates have a list functionality, allowing you to add many content items. Some example of such a cases are

  • a list of employees - where each employee is a single content-item
  • a list of frequently asked questions - where each QA-set is a content-item
  • a list of icon-tiles - where each tile is another

Whenever a view/template supports lists, then the toolbars buttons for

  1. adding / adding demo-item
  2. move an item up/down in a list
  3. list management (to drag-drop re-order of items)

Here's how to work with this:

Check the standard Content pre-requisites

Basically you must be sure that you have

  1. A running DNN
  2. 2sxc is installed
  3. Content-templates have been installed
  4. You are logged into DNN with admin permissions

If someone else prepared this for you, then this has all be done already. Otherwise you should start in the learn > installation section. 

Add a content-module to a page *

This should be easy by now, if you're not sure how, follow the instructions here.

Create a list of People items

Core steps

  1. Select content-type people
  2. Create your first person

Select content-type people

Create your first person

...add data and save

Add another person right after the first

This is very easy, using the [ + ] button

Core steps

  1. Add another person...
  2. Edit / save
  3. Another person added...

Add another person...

Edit / save

Another person added...

Add a demo-item

This is great for

  1. prototyping (creating test-pages)
  2. to insert a placeholder, into which you will then insert an existing item

Note that this only works if your template has a demo-item configured. 

Core steps

  1. Click add-demo ( + )
  2. tada!

Click add-demo ( + )

Do do this, first rotate through the menu to the second state (the "..." button), then click add-demo: the ( + ) button.


Add an existing item


Adding an existing item means that

  • this item (person) was already added somewhere else
  • now you just want to add it to this list as well

Doing this is easy

  1. Add a demo-item (using the steps you just learned before)
  2. Then instead of editing it, replace it with the existing one - check out the step-by-step instructions

Copy/duplicate an existing item

Do this, to save time entering data and just copy an item which already exists. To do this:

  1. Add a demo-item (see instructions above)
  2. The copy into it the existing item - see step-by-step here

Move an item one step down in a list

Do this to quickly move an item around

Core steps

  1. Make sure you have at least 2 items
  2. Click "move-down"
  3. Tada!
  4. And here's how to move up...

Make sure you have at least 2 items

Click "move-down"


And here's how to move up...

Manually re-sorting / organizing a list

Do this when you want to move over many steps or just want to do more moving around.

Core steps

  1. Go to list management
  2. Drag / drop as needed

Go to list management

...the list management

Drag / drop as needed

Changing list title, intro, settings

Many lists will have an introduction part, a title or even some settings like colors. Here's how to edit them...

Core steps

  1. Most headers have an own edit button
  2. Otherwise, go through list-management

Most headers have an own edit button

Otherwise, go through list-management

...and choose edit in the dialog

Note that this is only available, IF the list has a header. 

Remove an item from a list

This removes an item - but will not delete it. So it's still there to use in another place, but won't appear here any more. 

Core steps

  1. Rotate the menu and click on remove
  2. tada!

Rotate the menu and click on remove


...continue with other editing tutorials