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Help Editing and Managing Content with DNN

Here you find help related to content-editing activities like editing content, deleting content and more. It is meant for content-editors - for advanced topics you should visit other help-areas. 


Just some very basic terminology before we start

  1. Content-Items are the things that you are editing - for example a block with a few text-fields, an image etc.
  2. Templates or Views are the prepared layouts which show your content-items in the proper design - these are usually prepared by your web designer

Important Concepts

Content-Items are re-usable 

Whenever you add new content-items the system actually does 2 things

  1. A new content-item is created
  2. The content-item is assigned to this page / place so that it's displayed here

It does it like this so that you can re-use the content in other places as well. You might want to re-use a piece of information - like your contact-details - in another page. Or if you have a list of employees, you way want to use some of them again on other pages. 

When you re-use existing content-items the system actually just does 1 thing

  1. The existing content-item is assigned to this page/place and displayed here

Removing Content-Items doesn't Delete them

A common question is "does delete really delete?". The answer is: usually not. Since the items can be re-used (see above), a remove-operation will only remove it from that place where you used it. So removing the secretary from the sales-employees-list will not delete the secretary, but just remove him/her from that list. You can always add him/her again.