Installation and Feature Management

Publicly Available Features

Custom WebAPIs save in ADAM
let app-specific WebAPIs use ADAM to save attachments ...

This allows custom WebAPI implementations to save files / attachments to ADAM using the command SaveInAdam(...)

Otherwise, SaveInAdam(...) will be refused, and custom WebAPIs trying to do this (like Mobius forms with Upload) will throw an error. 

Form: Use old v9 AngularJS UI instead of new v10 Angular UI
Use the old form in 2sxc X until you're ready for the new one. ...

This setting is for 2sxc X.

It preferrs the old form in 2sxc X until you're ready for the new one or in situations where the new form may still have some bugs that prevent you from working. 

Permission by Group / Role
set permissions using the group-number(s) ...

Enable permissions by user group-id / role. 

Permissions on User
set permissions specifically to a user GUID ...

This extends the permission system to allow user-specific permissions in additional to the normal "has view, may do xyz".

Public forms
use the 2sxc form for public input - like to place orders or in public directories ...

With this feature enabled, the site will allow apps/views to provide public forms for non-editors. This is for commands like @Edit.Enable(...)

Public Forms File Upload
lets public forms also upload files in hyperlink, library and wysiwyg-fields ...

With this enabled, public forms will allow file-upload with ADAM. Otherwise it will be disabled. 

Note that each of these fields must also have the permissions set allowing an upload. This is to prevent uploads on fields which were just meant to hold a link. 

WYSIWYG - Paste with Formatting (2sxc 9.33+)
Enable paste to preserve / correctly parse headers, lists, bold/italic and links. ...

Enable paste to preserve / correctly parse headers, lists, bold/italic and links.

Possible Future Features

WebAPI - Allow all CORS Option Requests from local (work in progress)
This feature helps to develop JavaScript Apps ...

This feature helps to develop JavaScript Apps. Because usually when you develop JS apps, you want to do this from a local workstation using a fast rebuild - for example with ng serve

By default, API requests hitting DNN or 2sxc will fail if you need authentication - which is usually needed. This is because CORS security policies require a preflight request which checks if the server is expecting this. By default it will be refused. 

If you enable this feature, all OPTIONS requests from an address beginning with

  • local - like local or local:4200
  • localhost - like localhost or localhost:8080
  • - 

Beta Features - use at your own risk

Beta: Angular 8 UI instead of AngularJS UI (work in progress)
Input Field JSON (work in progress)
edit json data as a standard input field ...

A JSON editor input field

Paste Image from Clipboard (work in progress)
enable images from clipboard to be pasted into a link or wysiwyg field ...

This feature will enable users to paste images from clipboard directly into link or wysiwyg fields. 

Special settings (only available to 2sxc developers)

Beta features can be enabled

Allows enabling BETA (not yet done) features on this installation.

Test future features enabled (experimental)

Enable various future features for testing. These features will only be valid for a week and then expire. Such features may not actually make it into 2sxc - so they are not really available yet. 

Other - features which may not even exist

Hide messages about 2sic (work in progress)

This hides any comment about 2sic in the UI, like "Adam is sponsored with love by 2sic"

Input Field HTML (work in progress)
edit HTML in an input field ...

Raw HTML-Editor input-field

Run custom code on data-save (work in progress)
Send mail notifications on data-save (work in progress)

Send E-Mail Messages when data is saved.