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Look at an existing type

We recommend that you have a short look at an existing content-type so you get the general idea...

Core steps

  1. Click save
  2. Another core step

Click save

Click save and do something funny

Open content type administration

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ...

Another step

Another step...

Another core step

This is another core step, but without an image.

Sub-step of 2nd core step

A description

Create your content type

This is how you can go ahead and create your own content types

Create an item of this new type

It's always a good idea to create a test-item and see if the dialog does what you expect it to. Here's how:

What you could do next

Now that you created your content type, you will want to use it for something. This is what you will typically do next:

  1. Create a view for a content-type