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2sxc 9.42 for DNN 7 to 9
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Copy an existing content item

Sometimes you want to duplicate an existing item - typically to save time. Here's how. 

Note that if you want to re-use an item (so show the identical item in various places / layouts), you should check this tutorial.

Check the standard Content pre-requisites

Basically you must be sure that you have

  1. A running DNN
  2. 2sxc is installed
  3. Content-templates have been installed
  4. You are logged into DNN with admin permissions

If someone else prepared this for you, then this has all be done already. Otherwise you should start in the learn > installation section. 

Create the first content-items

First, create a content item using your existing skills. It's mostly visualized here for your convenience, but if you have difficulties with this step, you should first do the very basic content-editing tutorials.

Core steps

  1. Add a person
  2. Let's create another one...

Add a person

Add a module, pick person-type, click ok...


..fill in

...see result

Let's create another one...

...add Jim Bean


Copy / duplicate the item

Core steps

  1. Go into "replace with existing item"
  2. Choose item and click copy
  3. Modify the copy & save
  4. You are now back to the "pick" dialog
  5. Tada!

Go into "replace with existing item"

Choose item and click copy

...which opens the edit with a copy of the data

Modify the copy & save

You are now back to the "pick" dialog


...continue with other editing tutorials