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2sxc 9.42 for DNN 7 to 9
Website Builder, Content Manager, App-System: open-source and amazing

Edit your first structured content

This basic editing. Very simple :)

Check the standard Content pre-requisites

Basically you must be sure that you have

  1. A running DNN
  2. 2sxc is installed
  3. Content-templates have been installed
  4. You are logged into DNN with admin permissions

If someone else prepared this for you, then this has all be done already. Otherwise you should start in the learn > installation section. 

Add Module to Page

Follow these steps to add the module to the page

Core steps

  1. Open the Add-Module
  2. Drag the module unto the page
  3. The module is ready

Open the Add-Module

Drag the module unto the page

The module is ready

by default (if everything was installed) then this is what you should see...

...and you can select what you want to add

...if the installation wasn't completed

...then you will see this. In this case, you should finish the installation first

Edit your first content with picture

Editing appears when the view-choice is saved. That's the blue OK button to the side of the drop-downs.

Core steps

  1. Confirm view is ok
  2. Try editing
  3. See the result

Confirm view is ok

Try editing

...this is the edit-dialog

note that it's empty - the previous stuff (flower, etc.) are just for preview purpose

later when you create your templates you can define other demo-data for preview

Try adding some text

Try the WYSIWYG-editor (best ever in DNN)

try dragging in a file (like an image)

...the image has landed

Try keyboard shortcut Ctrl-S

...or just save / close your work

See the result

...automatically layouted and cropped to do what the template wants

...continue with other editing tutorials