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2sxc 9.42 for DNN 7 to 9
Website Builder, Content Manager, App-System: open-source and amazing

Switch the design / layout of structured content

Each content-type can have multiple templates to visualize it. Here's how to change the look with a few mouse clicks.

Check the standard Content pre-requisites

Basically you must be sure that you have

  1. A running DNN
  2. 2sxc is installed
  3. Content-templates have been installed
  4. You are logged into DNN with admin permissions

If someone else prepared this for you, then this has all be done already. Otherwise you should start in the learn > installation section. 

Start with a simple content

To discover how you can change the layout, let's start with a standard content-item based on Simple Content. This is trivial and if you followed the tutorial by now, you already have it. 

If you don't have this yet, just add a simple content first by following these instructions

Change the view / template

Core steps

  1. Check out the toolbar
  2. Toggle the view-change
  3. Try alternate views
  4. OK your choice

Check out the toolbar

For most templates the toolbar will appear when you move your mouse over the content.

Toggle the view-change

Try alternate views

Use the dropdown under the content types.

OK your choice

Just click ok. If you don't OK at the end, the change will not be saved. 

Trouble changing the view?

If something doesn't behave as you expect it to, these are the most common reasons:

  1. Maybe your content-type (like Simple Content)  only has 1 view/template to choose from, so the dropdown will not show more options. 
  2. Maybe your current setup has additional configuration - like a content-type Person + a presentation-type Pick your Title format. In these cases, the drop-down will only provide you alternate views that can handle the same kind of information.

Want a custom view / template?

You can always create your own templates. Check out the tutorials here.

...continue with other editing tutorials