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Discover 2sxc

We love it and use it for so many things because it's so simple, elegant and powerfull. And we know you'll love it as well!

Note: these videos show 2sxc 7 - we haven't found time to create new ones yet. 2sxc 10 is way cooler 😎.

Discover 2sxc 7 in 100 Seconds

Get to see what the exitement is all about and why everybody loves 2sxc 7.

See results here

Finally: Web Sites with Beautiful Content

Finally we get amazing content that is still easy to edit. It's so simple even with semantic markup - and your customer won't break it!

Manage Content - not Data

We love content-management and hate the data-approach used by other modules. Once you understand the difference you'll be hooked.

Simple: HTML/CSS/JS + Tokens

Very easy for web designers to use because it's built on existing technologies. Templating uses Tokens or Razor or JavaScript.

Multi-Language that's actually fun!

We're from Switzerland. We have 4 national languages + English. We really, really care about Multi-language - you'll love it!

Rapid Prototyping and Site-Wide Redesign ?

Using demo-content you can quickly prototype a web site and the designer can redesign the elements on the fly.

Discover Lists

Lists are a very powerfull enhancement, enabling you to create and customize things like galleries, image-sliders, references and more. 

Discover Multilanguage

2sxc has the best multi-language implementation available. You'll simply love it. Discover it here. 

Our older Intro-Videos

We've created a few videos showing the technology, the user experience and specific topics like multilingual content. Please watch and be inspired :).

Introducing 2sxc 4

Watch this to understand 2sxc, our vision, the philosophy and how it actually works.

Editor User Experience

Our primary focus is the content editor/author. If she loves to edit the content, then we've achieved all of our goals.

Designer User Experience

The designer needs simple tools to enhance a template; simple mechanisms like [Tokens] and @Razor. Watch the designer UX here.

Explaining the Back End.

See how the back end works, how things work together.

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