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Your First Basic Content Type

This page shows a very simple content type for first-steps. Watch the video for it here.

2SexyContent Rocks!
Benjamin Gemperle

2SexyContent rocks with Razor!!!
even more
than with [Tokens]

no image

Look inside

Content Item

These are the values a content-editor can manage.
Name Type Value
Quote System.String 2SexyContent Rocks!
Author System.String Benjamin Gemperle
Photo System.String /learn-content-types/Content/faq-authors/2010 Donut with 2sic.png

Presentation Item

These are additional, optional presentation instructions a content-editor can manage. If none are entered, a default set (predefined by the designer) will be used.

No Presentation parameters specified, using default presentation for this item.

Template file

  <strong>[Content:Quote]</strong><br />
  <img src="[Content:Photo]?w=200&h=200&mode=crop">
2serve . 2invent . 2create is 2be.