Getting Started with Apps

You are seeing this dialog, because you are using an app without custom Getting-Started dialog. This is either because the app-creator didn't prepare the getting-started, or because you are creating your own app right now. For that case we've provided a few infos to help you get started:   

  1. Download some demo-apps to discover how they are built from the App-Catalog
  2. Discover all the things you can do with Apps by visiting the docs & manuals section and setting the filter to Apps

Intro-Video: Create App in 10 Minutes

The following video shows you how we created a redistributable App with features like

  • List of questions with answer on separate details-page (parent/child)
  • Details has own URL for Google, but opens in an AJAX-style lightbox
  • The App has central configurations like "where is the details-page"
  • It's multilingual - intro-text translatable into all languages of the DNN-System
  • within the 10 minutes we created the app and created a distribution package :)

👉 watch the video (it's a bit older 😉) on YouTube


Security: All seems OK 👌

This is based on your Dnn and 2sxc .