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We are currently re-working the documentation structure.

  1. The 2sxc Wiki docs explaining all the concepts and ideas
  2. API documentation for Razor/C#, JavaScript (incl. $2sxc and $cms), WebServices, Edit-UIs etc. 
  3. Features-documentation will be found on this page
  4. Learning tutorials and concepts in Learn
  5. Extensive tutorials for Razor, RazorBlade and Koi
  6. Blogs, examples etc. are of course in Blog

Features of 2sxc with Details and How-To-Use

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Simple Apps allow quick deployment, installation, testing and clean removal without side effects. Install an app, adapt to your needs - simple and standardized, using tokens and razor. added-06.00.00
Entities Lists Linking Razor Token Multi-Language Apps
With the new DataSource called App you can retrieve data from another App. For example, you can query a References-App from another Portal to show the same references again. added-06.01.00
Apps Data and Data Sources For experts Razor new in 6.x
The user can choose whether he wants to add an item to a list and immediately show a demo-record (with the [+] button), or just open a dialog which doesn't add anything if he cancels. added-05.05.01
Apps Entities Lists Lists with Details new in 6.x
Various features of Apps like the Required (DNN) Version or Path ar explained here added-06.00.00
Apps DNN/DotNetNuke new in 6.x new in 8.x
Using the App-Object you can access path information, settings and resources. added-05.05.00
Razor Token Apps new in 6.x
Now apps can use centralized settings and multilingual resources for their templates. Works with tokens and razor. added-06.00.00
Apps For experts Multi-Language new in 6.x Razor Token
Now you can easily get all Categories with App.Data["Category"] or all questions with App.Data["Question"]. You can also use this as the input for further filtering, sorting and more. added-06.01.00
Apps Content Types Data and Data Sources Database Entities For experts Lists Multi-Language new in 6.x
Using simple server-side commands, you can create entities, edit and delete them in code. Thanks to this feature, you can create your own edit-dialogs or partial dialogs for workflows and similar. Also create simple or complex feedback forms and more. added-06.05
Apps Entities Razor new in 6.x Database For experts WebApi
Supports placing all data in the module into the DNN-Search. This works for simple items (like title/text/image) as well as for lists. The special feature is that it allows you to change how the index works. You could specify an alternate (detail-page) url for each item. added-06.02.00
Apps Data and Data Sources Entities For experts Razor new in 6.x Lists Lists with Details Search
Now you can easily add any kind of data to the pipeline with the DataTableDataSource. This is great for adding XML, RSS, NoSQL sources, Resx-files and much, much more. added-06.00.06
Apps Data and Data Sources Database Entities For experts Import/Export Lists Lists with Details new in 6.x Razor
Easily access backend data with a DataSource. Attach some filters and viola! you get a very powerfull, configuration based data query system. added-04.00.00
Apps Lists Lists with Details Razor For experts Database Data and Data Sources
Thanks to Github support you can now version your App in Github (data, templates and assets), and 2sxc will ignore all the temporary Github-parts when exporting the app added-07.02.00
Apps github New in 7.x For experts for javascript developers Publishing
All content from 2sxc is 100% cached by default, meaning it will not access the database at all. added-04.02.00
Entities Apps For experts Data and Data Sources
When installing Apps or anything else, everything is done automatically and DNN doesn't need to restart. This is very powerful because in a live large system - downtimes and I-Hope-It-Still-Works-Afterwards are not acceptable. added-06.00.00
Import/Export new in 6.x Apps
With InstancePurpose your code knows if it's running to be templated, for publishing JSON data or for search indexing. added-06.01.00
Apps Search new in 6.x Razor
The JavaScript API provides various automation helping you connect data from 2sxc with JavaScript. added-04.00.00
JavaScript Apps Data and Data Sources For experts
Amazingly simple integration with knockoutJS. An amazingly simple data-backend using 2sxc, a cool JS-Framework to play with the output - all connected with the Data-Pipeline of 2sxc. added-04.00.00
JavaScript Import/Export Lists Lists with Details Razor Token Apps
You can use strongly typed data sources with safe configuration to supply your templates with any data you need. added-05.00.00
Apps Content Types Database Entities For experts Razor new in 5.x new in 6.x Data and Data Sources
Use simple HTML-tags or javascript to create inline or hovering add and edit-buttons added-06.00.00
HTML and CSS JavaScript Token Razor Apps new in 6.x New in 7.x new in 8.x
Now you can user @RenderPage to call other Razor-Scripts, and these scripts automatically receive the save Content, List, Presentation etc. variables to work with. This allows you to re-use partial templates. added-06.00.00
Apps new in 6.x Razor Linking
All views in an app can be protected using permissions - thereby ensuring that certain views can only be used by editors / admins. This allows you to create edit/admin-UIs as needed. added-07.01.00
Apps Admin and Edit Dialogs For experts HTML and CSS New in 7.x
Thanks to new permissions you can give anonymous users access to Queries or even allow creating content-items (like feedback forms). added-07.01.00
Admin and Edit Dialogs Apps AngularJS For experts WebApi Security JavaScript Visual Query - Data Pipeline Designer
You can easily use PetaPoco in Razor Templates with DNN and 2sxc. added-06.00.06
Apps Data and Data Sources Database For experts Razor new in 6.x Import/Export
Sometimes you want to pre-fill a new Entity with existing information - like the current date, the users name, or data from another list like a file-ID or infos from an XML-Stream. This is now possible. added-05.05.01
Entities Lists Lists with Details Apps new in 6.x
The new quick-dialog shows preview-images for apps, views/templates and content-types. Here's how it works and how you can use it. added-09.01
Apps Content Types for designers new in 9.x
There are cases where certain parts of an app should be shared across multiple zones / portals. added-02.00.00
Admin and Edit Dialogs Apps For beginners Razor Token
It was always possible to use SQL data before, but with the new data sources it actually is fun to use and fully integrated. added-06.00.06
Apps Database Data and Data Sources Entities For experts Lists Razor new in 6.x
Now any view can have a name in the URL - so that a module showing that App can easily change between views just by adding "Details" or "CategoryList" to the URL. Simple and powerful. added-06.06.00
new in 6.x For beginners Token Apps
The new visual query designer helps you retrieve, filter and sort data for use in any kind of template - be it Tokens, Razor, JavaScript, AngularJS etc. added-07.00.00
Visual Query - Data Pipeline Designer DataSource Apps For experts New in 7.x Query (Data/Visual) WebApi
Thanks to the fully automated WebAPI integration you can easily include and distribute your WebAPIs with you Apps. added-06.05
Apps For experts Import/Export JavaScript new in 6.x WebApi Razor Token