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Contact the 2sxc Team or get Support

Please note that this is a free, open source module and we can't just offer free support. 

  1. If you wish to post questions, use the StackOverflow we might answer your question, but we hope that others will do so for us and contribute in this community activity
  2. If you found a bug in 2sxc and you know it's really a bug, post a Github Issue
  3. If you think you found a bug, but are not sure, use StackOverflow
  4. If you have a security related issue, send an email directly to 
  5. If you found a bug in a 2sxc App, please contact whomever made the app

Rates and general conditions

  1. The minimum you can buy is one hour at USD 210 / EUR 200 for senior developers
  2. The minimum charged per support case ist two hours; if you bundle small questions, they will be handled as one request. Most support cases require 2-4 hours just to figure out what the issue is and to suggest a fix. 
  3. New customers must pay up-front through paypal, larger projects can be paid using normal bank payments. 
  4. We cannot spend our limited time on reviewing all kinds of issues/requests. If you would like us to evaluate your systems and send you a quote, we need at least 2 hours of budget depending on the complexity of the matter. You can pay this using paypal

Many thanks,
the 2sic and 2sxc Team!

Contact Form

The form below lets you contact us directly, for matters such as paid support and development by the 2sxc team. To sponsor a new feature which will then be available for everybody using 2sxc. In this case on larger work (5 days or more) we use a strongly reduced rate (-25%). Please contact us for a quote. Note that in general even simple new features will need at least 4h of work, typically more. 

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