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2sxc 9.43 for DNN 7 to 9
Website Builder, Content Manager, App-System: open-source and fun
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Fun Content Management

Smart templates do the layout...

...of items and item-lists

You add the content. 

With automatic image resizing.

Rule #1: content looks great, is responsive and makes you proud


Web site content must have a clean, consistent look. And it must be mobile ready, responsive - and ideally even Retina-optimized. If possible, it should animate nicely and perform in a way that makes you proud. 

Rule #2: content editing is for non-techies...

Adding some perfectly styled photos or a new image-slider should never require the help of a professional web designer - it must be so easy, that a normal office-worker can do it, with minimal training. Great looking, responsive and animated web sites using DNN and 2sxc only need about 2 hours of training for the content editor. 

Rule #3: design-customizations is easy

Adapting the look of a certain element (like the default layout of an image) will be done by web designers. And this must be very easy and use standard technologies. Thanks to Token-placeholders like [Content:Title] and Razor-placeholders like @Content.Title, these customizations are very easy. It's also very easy to create new looks and combine content with other open-source scripts. 

Rule #4: templates are smart

The content templates must think on their own, so that the editor does not have to. They resize and respond as needed. This can be done in CSS and JavaScript - and is very easy for web designers - even without a programming background. And thanks to Razor support on the server, the templates can also be very very smart on the server.

Rule #5: Templates may not hurt the server


...and template changes may not hurt other portals. 

Neither 1 nor 100 content-templates may hurt DNN or stop it from running. This is very different from using DNN-Modules, which can crash DNN if DLLs are not compatible, and can cause many problems across portals. 

With 2sxc, this works!

Rule #6: the exception IS the rule

We all want something special. Because of this, whenever something becomes mainstream, the customers want something which is more unusual. For this, the content-management must be able to cater to any kind of wish - and not get in the way of new technologies. This is what 2sxc does. 

Final Rule: Content Editing and Design is Fun!