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2sxc 9.43 for DNN 7 to 9
Website Builder, Content Manager, App-System: open-source and fun
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Learn to use 2sxc for sexy web sites

2sxc will help you create amazing stuff. We try to make your learning as easy as possible, with the following materials. 

Try some of the Apps in the App catalog. Most of the Apps also have a demo-page showing you a demo. Since everything created in 2sxc is plain-text, these Apps offer a perfect starting-point to modify and learn how to create your own similar Apps. 

Checkout the additional ressources and concepts behind 2sxc.

  • We write a lot of blog posts - most of them are related to 2sxc
  • We've started writing a guide to the concepts behind 2sxc - it's not complete, and I recommend you read this after having spent a few hours with 2sxc

Learn to Leverage the Features

Learn to use Content-Types

Content-Types are the first thing you should understand about 2SexyContent. Learn them here.
See results here.

Learn to use Content-Types

Get to know the very basics of 2SexyContent - a Content-Type. It's similar to other advanced CMS-Solutions like SharePoint or Drupal - the demo-code & output can be found here.

Great Thumbnailer / Resizer

Awesome Thumbnailer now included in 2SexyContent - helps create amazing, automatic designs.
See results here.

Great Thumbnailer / Resizer

You'll also see the demos of this here.

Discover More

We'll create special Lean Pages for most topics. ATM we have the following: 

Learn the Concepts / Visions


This is some background to help you understand why things are the way they are...

Learn to work with [Token]-Templates

These are the technically simplest kinds of templates. Placeholders look like [Content:Title]

Work with @Razor templates

These templates are much more advanced and allow you to do very complex things on the server. You can program using C# and placeholders look like @Content. 

Learn more about Content-Types

This topic still in work - just improvise, you'll figure it out :)

Content Import / Export = lists of data

When all you want is to import lists of information or content - this is how...

The Visual Query Designer

An awesome tool to get data for your templates. 

Work with Permissions

Permissions are important to protect views from anonymous access and to open up REST and Queries to JSON-requests. 

Work with REST in JavaScript

REST allows you to access resources and create, delete, update etc. without having to write any server code. It's awesome.

AngularJS with DNN

Learn to use the most popular JavaScript framework for web applications and SPAs. 

Old Video: Cool JavaScript / JSON API

Our awesome JS-API V1 allows you to use data from 2SexyContent as JS-Objects. Fun, easy, amazing.

Note that it is now preferable to use the REST API and Visual Query Designer