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2sxc 9.42 for DNN 7 to 9
Website Builder, Content Manager, App-System: open-source and amazing
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Install a 2sxc app package

2sxc apps are awesome extensions - and they can be deployed easily and without side effects. Here's how: 

Alternative: if you are just discovering 2sxc and getting started, it's better to just install the default app selection

Ensure 2sxc is installed

In case you haven't done this, make sure you already installed 2sxc

Optionally download apps from the catalog

Maybe you already have the app ready from a previous project or because a friend gave it to you. Otherwise you can quickly download it from the app catalog

Core steps

  1. Fast access to the catalog...
  2. Browse and download

Fast access to the catalog...

Browse and download

Add app-module to page

Core steps

  1. Add the module

Add the module

Drag the "App" module into the page

Use the install app wizard

Core steps

  1. Open the install-wizard
  2. Upload app package
  3. Try your newly installed app

Open the install-wizard

Upload app package

wait for installation to complete...


Try your newly installed app should now appear in your app-drop-down