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2sxc is Free Open-Source

2sxc is an open source plugin for Dnn and Oqtane. It is free. When you install it you get:

  1. 99% of all features
  2. 100% of the amazing pre-built Apps

Advanced Features for Our Heros

If you love 2sxc, create awesome work and care about perfection, it's time to support 2sxc and get the enterprise features. 

These are only available to patrons - people who believe in 2sxc and choose to support it with a monthly contribution on Github. 

Patron Basic - 2 USD

This is for people who wish to support us just a little bit 😉.

  1. Ability to paste images from clipboard (will be auto-converted to PNG)
  2. Ability to remove the "sponsored by 2sic" message in the ADAM dialogs

Patron Perfectionist - 10 USD

This is for people who really care about the output, user experience and especially the PageSpeed ⚡ ranking. 

  1. Lightspeed Output Cache improves html rendering speed by 50-95%

  2. Perfect Images (HTML, Formats, Sizes...)
    1. Images can auto-convert to WebP for devices which support it
    2. Images can auto-generate many sized depending on the screen
    3. Images can be auto-resized to pixel-perfect dimensions matching your theme
    4. Auto-generated HTML will also include sizes attributes, improving image pre-loading

Patron Sentinel - 10 USD

Enable Content Securitp Policy CSP features which will automatically generate the correct CSP headers for every single page. Each piece on the page can tell the CSP system what it needs, and will automatically white list exactly that.

Give your site Fort-Knox security boost 🔒 with CSP

Enterprise CMS - 50 USD

If you run a very large system, or a system with many portals using the same apps, you need the Enterprise CMS extensions. This is what it will enable:

  1. Ability to share the same App definitions across hundres of portals, each having it's own data but re-using content-types, views and queries
  2. Restrict translators to edit only specific languages

Web Farm Cache - 65 USD

For enterprise customers who which to run DNN on multiple servers. 

Read more about the Web Farm Cache.