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Install your custom content definition

Often a skin will come with a  content definition pack. This is great because then the content templates are optimized to the look-and-feel of the theme. Here's how to install it.

if your skin didn't come with a special content-pack, install the default set.

Install 2sxc and add a content-module to the page

This is fairly basic, but must be done of course. If you haven't done so yet...

  1. Here's how to install 2sxc
  2. In case you don't know how to add a Content module to the page, follow the first steps on this step-by-step

Upload your custom package

Core steps

  1. Go to the admin section
  2. Go to app > import
  3. Pick file and upload

Go to the admin section

Go to app > import

Pick file and upload