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DNN / 2sxc Learn Import / Export

2sxc offers various very different types of Import / Export

  1. Export / Import Lists of Content-Items - just like importing or exporting a table. You will usually do this to manage / edit large amounts of content in Excel, to update certain columns with external data or to import content from other tools (FnL, XMod, Access, etc.) or other CMSs (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ...).
  2. Export / Import an entire App - this is to copy / distribute the App to other systems or to duplicate the App from a template or stating to another site
  3. Export / Import the entire Content - this is to move a site from staging to live or to duplicate a template-site
  4. Export / Import parts of an App / Content, with configuration, templates etc. - this is mostly something a web designer will do to copy certain parts into other sites or into other Apps.

This page is targeted at content-editors. For advanced import/export and data-integration topics as well as accessing SQL-data (which are usually developer topics) we'll create a separate help section.

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