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2sxc 9.42 for DNN 7 to 9
Website Builder, Content Manager, App-System: open-source and amazing
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Install default apps for 2sxc

Install default apps for 2sxc

You can choose and install various apps from 3rd parties or from the app catalog. By default, 2sxc will offer you some initial, popular apps to get started with. Here are the instructions for installing the default app package. 

Alternative: if you want to install a specific app manually, follow these instructions

Add an app-module

Core steps

  1. Log into DNN
  2. Add the module

Log into DNN

You need at least admin-permissions

to do this you need admin permissions or higher (super-user)

Add the module

Drag the "App" module into the page

Install all default apps

Core steps

  1. Start recommended installation
  2. Confirm auto-install
  3. ...wait for each app to install
  4. See "done" confirmation

Start recommended installation

Confirm auto-install

...wait for each app to install

See "done" confirmation

Try them out

Core steps

  1. Default state after installation
  2. Try the blueimp gallery
  3. Try other apps

Default state after installation

Try the blueimp gallery

Blueimp gallery view

Try another view...

Blueimp slider view...

Try other apps the image-compare, QR, whatever