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Add Item to List with or without Prototyping

Introduced in Version 05.05.01

The 2 Features and 3 Uses

The user can choose whether he wants to add an item to a list and immediately show a demo-record (with the [+] button), or just open a dialog which doesn't add anything if he cancels.

These two options help in 3 situations

  1. When prototyping, just add items so you can see what the result would look like
  2. When really working on a live-system, you usually prefer to not add demo records, but directly enter edit mode
  3. When enhancing existing information, this new mode is also needed (more explained below)

The third scenario needs some more explaining

When Adding Information to Existing Systems

Sometimes your Template will show something other than your entities. This could be

  • A list of files in a specific folder, for download-purposes
  • A list of images in a folder, to auto-generate a gallery
  • An RSS-, XML- or JSON-Feed (could also be in JavaScript)
  • A list of data from another database or table
  • A navigation (listing pages) - which could be decorated with more information

Many such systems offer the automatic list (like the images from the folder), but should offer the optional ability to add more data - like alternate copyright, description, alternate preview (like a jpg to preview an eps) etc.

Is such a scenario, you will use the "Add-New-Without-Demo-Record" and also use the Prefill-Form ability (see related features).

Introduced in 5.5.1 as beta, stable since 06.00.00

Demo Feature

Introduced in Version 00.00.00
This is a demo feature. It should not appear anywhere.
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