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GPS Picker

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Introduced in Version 05.04.00

Note that this feature was reworked in 2sxc 8 to make it simpler. 

This is an enhancement to the edit-UI. By making number-fields become GPS-Numbers, they provide additional functionality like:

  1. Show these coordinates on a map
  2. Allow user to modify the pin on the map, automatically updating the numbers
  3. Initialize the coordinates by automatically searching for an address that was entered in other input fields

These enhancements are important for various reasons like:

  • Enable easy coordinate lookup
  • Enable saving of the coordinates instead of just using the address
    • provides better performance than always passing addresses to a map-system
    • allows other data-manipulation tasks like calculating distances and similar
  • Enables using a different pin-location than the automatically found place
    • often important if the address is not very precise
    • also useful if you want the pin to point to the entrance instead of the correct address
    • and very handy when too many pins are very close together and you would like to manually spread them a bit

Automatic Address-Lookup

In most cases the coordinates refer to an address that was already entered by the user into other input fields. The GPS-Picker of 2SexyContent can use this address to auto-position the pin for you. This is done as follows:

  1. In the configuration of the first field (GPS-Latitude) you must configure the UI so it knows which fields to use when auto-retrieving the address...
  2. you must enter these into the configuration-field using one or more [Token] placeholders


  • When the entire address is in a multiline-box called Address, just type: [Address]
  • When the address is spread across a few fields, try something like this: [Street] [ZipCode] [City] [Country]
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