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JavaScript API for jQuery, knockoutJS, AngularJS and more

Warning ⚠️: New Docs Available

These are old docs and we haven't found the time to completely move them. You will find comprehensive new docs on

Introduced in Version 04.00.00

In brief, here are the things you can do

  1. Easily retrieve JSON data from a 2sxc module
  2. Easily pass data on to jQuery for further processing (demo)
  3. Easily pass data on to knockoutJS for further processing (same demo)
  4. Easily pass data on to AngularJS for the same purpose (same demo)
  5. Create your own, custom edit/add/remove buttons (see same demo)

In the background, things are actually much more advanced - the JS-controller is like a Pipeline-Extension of the Data-Pipeline used in the background of 2sxc.

Getting Started with the JS-API

The JS-API is now documented in the API-documentation on Github. Read more here.