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Data Pipelines and Filter Chaining

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Introduced in Version 04.00.00

Some basics

  1.  Data is stored in the database...
  2. ...and is cached in Memory on the web server
  3. When you need data, you request a DataSource from the cache...
  4. ...and using some filters (usually Filter-DataSources) request a subset of all data
  5. These pipeline-pieces can also be "chained" so you can first filter by type, then by Gender and finally sort by last-name

This is basically how it works (needs Razor):

// A source which can filter by Content-Type (EntityType)

var allAuthors = CreateSource<ToSic.Eav.DataSources.EntityTypeFilter>();

allAuthors.TypeName = "Authors";


For more examples, test-drive this data-demo app