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Permanent Page, Image and File Links

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Introduced in Version 05.04.00

Whenever you rename or move a page or file in DNN, its URL changes. This causes a lot of work to clean up incoming links. The strongly improved Hyperlink-Type now tracks these using File-IDs and Page-IDs instead of the real URL. The hyperlink supports the following ways to link something:

  1. File:773 (automatically corrected when moved, renamed or replaced)
  2. Page:32 (automatically corrected when moved/renamed)
  3. /Portals/0/logo.gif (never corrected)
  4. (never corrected)

2SexyContent will automatically use the FileID or PageID whenever you choose a file or page through the UI. You can also type these references by hand. When you type a real path or http://-address, 2SexyContent will not touch it.

In addition, 2SexyContent also shows you the real file name with a test link under each Hyperlink field so you can verify it's the right target.

Additional Specials

  1. export/import: there is a functionality which will re-map internal file-links on export/import. For details, read the documentation on export/import. 
  2. multilanguage: a page linked to from the main language (like Page:420) can automatically link to the other languages if your Razor-Template does it correctly. todo: code snippet