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2sxc Documentation

We are currently re-working the documentation structure.

  1. The 2sxc Wiki docs explaining all the concepts and ideas
  2. API documentation for Razor/C#, JavaScript (incl. $2sxc and $cms), WebServices, Edit-UIs etc. 
  3. Features-documentation will be found on this page
  4. Learning tutorials and concepts in Learn
  5. Extensive tutorials for Razor, RazorBlade and Koi
  6. Blogs, examples etc. are of course in Blog

Features of 2sxc with Details and How-To-Use

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Simple Apps allow quick deployment, installation, testing and clean removal without side effects. Install an app, adapt to your needs - simple and standardized, using tokens and razor. added-06.00.00
Entities Lists Linking Razor Token Multi-Language Apps
Use simple tokens like [QueryString:Person] or [User:UserId] to configure data pipelines. This even allows for fallback-scenarios (like when the querystring doesn't have a configuration, like [QueryString:AppId|[AppSettings:DefaultAppId]] added-06.00.00
Data and Data Sources Database Entities Linking Lists with Details
Export/Import is now available and handles a variety of complex scenarios. It can match languages, re-link files and much more. added-05.04.00
Import/Export Content Types Entities Images Linking Multi-Language
This input-type is for creating url-parts which are safe, lower-case and without special characters. It prevents bad input and can automatically be populated based on another field - like the title. Use it to define URLs for News, Blogs, Artices, Real-Estate-Items and more. added-08.03.05
Admin and Edit Dialogs Content Types Editing Linking Lists new in 8.x Field Configuration
You can now specify if the user should see a file, page or image-picker, and which one is default. added-05.04.00
Field Configuration Linking Images new in 5.x new in 6.x
Awesome Image-Resizer with really neat features. added-05.03.00
Images HTML and CSS For beginners Design Token Razor Linking Lightbox
To use module-data like ModuleID in [Token] templates (important for JSON-feeds, Details-Links and more) we added a [Module:...] value provider. added-05.02.00
HTML and CSS Token Linking JavaScript
Point to a 2sxc Page with some extra parameters, and all HTML around the 2sxc will disappear. This helps create details-pages in lightboxes or dynamic areas of the HTML, or even allows you to produce a manual JSON-Feed without any HTML around it. added-04.00.00
Design HTML and CSS Linking
Use 2sxc to create lists and then show cool detail pages in lightboxes or otherwise. All SEO-optimized. added-04.00.00
Razor Lightbox Linking Lists Lists with Details
Now you can user @RenderPage to call other Razor-Scripts, and these scripts automatically receive the save Content, List, Presentation etc. variables to work with. This allows you to re-use partial templates. added-06.00.00
Apps new in 6.x Razor Linking
Links will still work even after moving pages and files in DNN. They also still work when you rename pages or files. added-05.04.00
Field Configuration HTML and CSS Linking Import/Export Multi-Language
To use query-string parameters like ?showrecord=37 (important for detail-pages or filtering stuff) we added a [QueryString:...] value provider. added-05.02.00
Design Token Linking
Now you can connect entities (like authors and books) in awesome ways. Also extremely usefull for tagging and similar scenarios. added-05.03.00
Lists Linking Field Configuration Entities Razor Relationships
The new RelationshipFilter helps in list-pages to find all items with a category and similar scenarios. added-06.01.00
Data and Data Sources Entities Razor Linking Lists with Details
Create vCards based on 2sxc Data. Very easy to use. added-05.02.00
Design HTML and CSS Images Import/Export Linking
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