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    Creating Lists with [Tokens]

    To understand lists, please watch the videos here and look at the implementations below...

      Very simple UL (Unordered List)

      For the most basic lesson, we'll just create a trivial list.
        • Paris
          • Token Templates
            • Berlin
              • Token Templates

                A interactive list with a lightbox - working with unique IDs

                Whenever you add interactive things like sliding areas, lightboxes or similar things, you need to learn the EntityId attribute. [Content:EntityId].

                  Working with [ListContent] - header info

                  Often you need to add something as a header/footer content or as an Info that stays the same across the entire list. This demo shows

                  1. Using the ListContent for introduction
                  2. Using it to dynamically change some "static" texts like column-headers or even buttons inside the table

                  Cities we love

                  this is great.
                    City Details Link
                    Paris Popup external site
                      Berlin Popup external site
                        Paris Popup external site
                          Paris Popup external site

                              Output-Numbering, alternate and special styles

                              This demo adds

                              1. Adding a number beside every row
                              2. Alternating colors
                              3. Detecting first/last item for special CSS-Styling.

                              Cities we love to count and alternate

                              These cities we still love, but now we number and alternate them.
                                # City More Details Look away
                                Paris info go2Wiki
                                  Jakarta info go2Wiki
                                    Berlin info go2Wiki
                                      Ouagadougou info go2Wiki
                                        2serve . 2invent . 2create is 2be.