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#4 List Details using Automatic View-Switching and Query

List Details using Automatic View-Switching and Query

The previous examples showed you how to do auto-switch views. This example makes the code even easier, by telling the details-view to pick up the details-item from a query. You can see the query and how it's configured to the right.

@inherits Custom.Hybrid.Razor14

<h4>List of Persons</h4>
  @foreach (var person in AsList(App.Data["Persons"])) {
      <a href='@Link.To(parameters: CmsContext.Page.Parameters.Set("id", person.EntityId))'>
        @person.FirstName @person.LastName

Source Code of Snip-Query-Details.Dyn.cshtml

@inherits Custom.Hybrid.Razor14

<h2>Details using Automatic View-Switching</h2>
  You now see the details page. The code is even shorter, because it is using a query, which already does the <em>look-for-id</em>. The image to the right shows where this configuration is applied to the view. 

<img loading="lazy" src="@Content.Mugshot?w=50&h=50&mode=crop" width="50px" style="border-radius: 50%" class="float-left">
<h3>Details of @Content.FirstName @Content.LastName</h3>
<a href='@Link.To(parameters: CmsContext.Page.Parameters.Remove("Id"))'>back to list</a>

View Configuration

This is how this view would be configured for this sample.

  • Query: Data-ViewSwitch-Query-Details
Details for Query: Data-ViewSwitch-Query-Details

This query gets a single person for the view which shows the details. It will look for the person matching the ID in the url.

View-Switching based on URL Parameters

This requires the view configuration to be set to activate the details view if id is specified in the url, using id/.*


#4 List Details using Automatic View-Switching and Query