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Customize Edit UI/UX

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Toolbar Customization

These examples use the simple API provided in 2sxc 11.

  1. Customize Toolbars
    All kinds of features to customize how the toolbar looks, buttons, colors and more.
  2. Customize Toolbars Workflows (new ⭐)
    Learn how to work with the client-side workflows to customize when/how buttons behave.

More Information around Customizing the Edit UX

  1. 2sxc Docs showing how to customize the toolbar
  2. 2sxc Docs showing specs for customizing the toolbar
  3. List of commands (button-names)

Custom Input Fields (new in 11.02 ⭐)

Since 2sxc 11.02 it's really easy to create custom input fields. We're really proud of it - it uses standard WebComponents.

  1. Basic HelloWorld Input Field (new)
  2. Custom Color Picker using Pickr (new)
  3. Configurable Color Picker (new)
  4. Custom lightweight WYSIWYG (4 buttons) (new)
  5. Custom WYSIWYG with 1 additional button, multi-language (new)

More Information around Customizing the Edit UX

  1. How-To Docs for Custom Input Fields
  2. Specs for Field Customization
  3. Specs for WYSIWYG customization