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< class="co--hide"> DNN App for QR Codes

The following demos show the QR-Code App. All templates are token based and allow for configuration like size etc.

  1. The first one shows a URL or Text (could be something other than a URL) which is freely configurable
  2. The second one shows a freely configurable text, but also displays it. This is helpful when people don't understand QR-Codes.
  3. The third example uses the same mode as #1, but with configuration to show it large, colorful and with more error-correction
  4. The last one simply shows the QR for the current page

Note: at the very end is an invisible QR code for this page which only shows up on print. Do a print-preview to see this.


2sxc App Catalog
< class="co--hide"> QR Codes for the current page

The following examples show

  1. The full QR-Code for the current page
  2. A shortened version, relying on the Tab-ID and therefor creating a smaller QR-Code
QR Code Generator
< class="co--hide"> Invisible - but printable QR Code The next QR code is invisible - until you print it :)
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