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DNN Apps - Demo-Zone
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    Work with raw / internal data of 2sxc

    This is a demo for the tutorial app in the catalog.

    1. Show all Authors

    This just gets all authors from the DB and shows them. It also has a special "new" button which will pre-fill the new entity

    • Daniel Mettler
    • Benjamin Freitag
    • Raphael Müller

    2. Various Sorting Mechanisms

    Show all authors sorted in various ways

    • Sorted FullName A-Z
      1. Benjamin Freitag
      2. Daniel Mettler
      3. Raphael Müller
    • Now with reversed sort
      1. Raphael Müller
      2. Daniel Mettler
      3. Benjamin Freitag
    • And now with multi-field sort (first url ascending, then name descending)
      1. Raphael Müller on
      2. Daniel Mettler on
      3. Benjamin Freitag on
    • Now sorted by EntityId (also works w/EntityTitle)
      1. Daniel Mettler (2351)
      2. Benjamin Freitag (2352)
      3. Raphael Müller (2353)
    • Sorting a List using LINQ (applying a different sort than before)
      1. Daniel Mettler
      2. Benjamin Freitag
      3. Raphael Müller

    3. Get Data and Filter by ID, Type or both

    The following table shows the results of the code. The first examples just get data based on simple criteria (like: is author, has the ID 2351, etc.). The last examples chain the filters, so they look for an ID within the previous filter Authors.


    Pipeline Filter parameters Result Count
    Cache / Root Source 67
    Content-Type Filter Author 3
    ID Filter 2351 1
    Multiple-IDs Filter 2351,2353 2
    Chain Type and ID Filter (should work) Author & 2351 1
    Chain Type and ID-Filter (should not work) Categories & 2351 0

    4. Data filtered by an entity-Attribute

    Show only authors with the Website = ""

    • Daniel Mettler
    • Benjamin Freitag

    5. Filter by QueryString parameter in URL

    Click on an author to place it's ID in the URL and then see it's details. The filter uses the token [QueryString:Author] which automatically picks up the correct value.

    No author selected

    6. Access related / referenced information

    Get courses, show them with related (child) categories

    • Learn DNN by Daniel Mettler
      Categories: 2SexyContent , HTML 5 , CSS 3 ,
    • 2SexyContent EAV and Responsive Design by Benjamin Freitag
      Categories: CSS 3 , 2SexyContent , HTML 5 , Razor ,
    • 2SexyContent Lists-Training by Daniel Mettler
      Categories: knockoutJS , CSS 3 , Razor ,
    • 2SexyContent Relationships Training by Raphael Müller
      Categories: Razor ,
    • Learn cooking (uncategorize) by unknown

    Get categories with relating (parent) courses

    • 2SexyContent
      1. Learn DNN
      2. 2SexyContent EAV and Responsive Design
    • Razor
      1. 2SexyContent EAV and Responsive Design
      2. 2SexyContent Lists-Training
      3. 2SexyContent Relationships Training
    • HTML 5
      1. Learn DNN
      2. 2SexyContent EAV and Responsive Design
    • CSS 3
      1. Learn DNN
      2. 2SexyContent EAV and Responsive Design
      3. 2SexyContent Lists-Training
    • jQuery
    • knockoutJS
      1. 2SexyContent Lists-Training
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