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Search Integration Demo with DNN 7 Search

The following list is an excerpt from the features documentation found here + some more related features hereTry some searches like for SQL, for CustomizeData or for PetaPoco. The exact details of the search-integration are documented here.

The main job of this demo is to:

  1. Have both a list and a Details template
  2. Since the details-page is technically the same page, but actually a different URL, a search result for the details must go to another url...
  3. the template has a special bit of code just to prepare data for the search engine

One last note: when you install this app on your system and add some content - it might take a few minutes to get you will not get results immediately. 

Now you can easily add any kind of data to the pipeline with the DataTableDataSource. This is great for adding XML, RSS, NoSQL sources, Resx-files and much, much more. (added 06.00.06)

To keep things nice and separate data-preparation from data presentation we added a method called CustomizeData(). This is always called before the template is processed - for showing, for JSON delivery and for search-indexing. (added 06.01.00)

You can easily use PetaPoco in Razor Templates with DNN and 2SexyContent. (added 06.00.06)

It was always possible to use SQL data before, but with the new data sources it actually is fun to use and fully integrated. (added 06.00.06)

2serve . 2invent . 2create is 2be.