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Example using jQuery-binding only

This is a simple FAQ sample using JavaScript to visualize it. So this is a jQuery only example, without any special MVC or data binding frameworks. 

FAQ using Server-Side Token binding

This is the simplest example, no JS whatsoever. It just serves as a reference. 

< class="co--hide"> Simple Example with the JS-API & Tokens

The JS API allows you to use 2SexyContent data in your JavaScript with minimal plumbing. Here's how it works:

  1. Enable / disable publishing of data (this is done in the template settings, default is disabled for security reasons)
  2. A client side JS-API which takes care of all the data x-fer and ensures that the client receives a clean representation of the data as a JS-object
  3. The client-side API has a syntax and functionality very close to that of the Razor-API

Download the App to experiment with this yourself.

First FAQ Example (uses AngularJS)

This one has about 6 questions. We're using the ModuleID-Token to ensure that our JS works, even if included more than once.
  1. {{ item.Question }}
2serve . 2invent . 2create is 2be.