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    Trivial Demo showing Icon-Fonts with DNN

    This is a very trivial demo, showing the tutorial App for DNN. It allows you to create dynamic content-types with icon-picker fields, both for standard icon-fonts (like Font Awesome or Glyphicons) or custom icon fonts like such made with fontello. 

    Download the app in the app-catalog

    This is a demo how to template / use custom icon fonts

    1. This is an icon from an own, custom icon-font library (showing icon-xyz-windy-rain-inv)

      This is a demo how to template / use fonts from a CDN

      1. This icon uses a local CSS to pick it (the the UI can search through all names) but uses the Font-Awesome CDN (showing fa-globe)
      2serve . 2invent . 2create is 2be.